the Colomba


The unmistakable taste of the colomba "La Ruota" iste due to a secret recipe of several years ago. In the 1992 Rosetta, the mother of this business and of all the recipes, finds the right combination to create the perfect taste of the artisan Colomba. During that year a few hundred easter Colomba were sold. During the years though and because of constant increase of ordinations the bakery "La Ruota" had to increase the production, exporting across the Italian borders but without changing the quality of the products.



The kneading

The first step of the dough mixture ist the sourdough made of water, yeast and flour, the sourdough will then be renewed every day for several days, afterwich the first mixture will be prepared and preceeds the final one by 12 hours.


The Preparation

The last mixture is left to rest for a couple of hours. The mixture is then divided and put into the special paper forms.


The Levitation

As soon as the levitation is completed (about 6/7 hours) the Colomba's will be baked. The levitation is an important stage to produce a first class product which is light and digestable.


The Baking

The baking time is abouth one hour afterwhich the Colomba will be turned upside down for 12 hours to be dried.