the Pandoro


Our artisan pandoro "La Ruota" develops from an accurate process of all the stages of levitation. The scrupolus care of every detail allows the production of a light and genuine product. Our Pandoro is the result of a basic recipe experimented and revised by us many times until we reach the best of quality using first class ingredientes.



The Kneading

The first stage consists of preparing the sourdough with water, yeast and flour which is then renewed every day for several days, afgerwhich the first mixture is made which preceeds the final mixing by 8 hours.


The Preparation

Unlike the Panettone, the Pandoro needs another two stages of mixing. There stages consist in the renewal of the sourdough adding butter and flour. When these processed are terminated the final mixture is completed.


The Lievitation

After about 12 hours of levitation the pandoros are ready to be baked. The levitation is an important stage so to obtain a high quality product which is genuine and digestable.


The Baking

Cooking time is abouth one hour afterwhich the drying process follows which consists of keeping the product upside down for 5/6 hours.