The Panettone


It takes three days to prepare the artisan Panettone "La Ruota" during which various fases of mixing and levitating are used. All the fases, for the realization of a 100% artisan product, need supervision and manual interventions for example the cutting of the top part, or the turning upside down (for 12 hours) once out of the oven, the use of genuine and first class products means a high quality Panettone and nutrient and digestable at the same time.

The Kneading

The first fase of the mixture consist in preparing the sourdough with flour, yeast and water. This will them be refreshed for several days, afterwhich the first mixture is made 12 hours before the final mixsture


The Preparation

The last fase after resting the mixture ist the dividing accordin to the tastes and putting the mixture into the paper forms.


The Levitation

As soon as the natural levitation is completed (about 6-7 hours), the baking wull proceed. The levitation is an important step to obtain a high quality geniune and digestable product.


The baking

Cooking time is about an hour, afterwich the last step is to turn the panettone upside down for 12 hours.